Crown City Cakes

Sometimes a cake perfectly captures a moment in time.  It can be a work of art that describes a feeling, designed to last moments in our celebrations and a lifetime in our memories.  We aim to capture the essence of your event with a fleeting piece of edible art designed just for you.

We are currently booking 2020/2021 weddings!

Our Process

Starting with an in-person or online tasting and consultation, we explore your ideas and inspirations for design.  During the consult notes and sketches of your cake are curated to use as reference for the final cake.  While we encourage inspiration from what you find on the internet or what you’ve seen at a friend’s wedding or party, we will not duplicate someone else’s work: instead, we will re-interpret the design elements you are drawn to, in a way that is unique to your event.  This enables us to really connect with your vision and tailor a piece of edible art that you will remember for years.


Crown City Cakes

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